Shared Space – Perspectives for a new culture of the puplic space_HDA Graz

RHIZOM participation

Shared Space is a new strategory for a comprehensive design of public space as an expression, medium and stage of social life. ... … Shared Space is space collectively used by everybody, the open space within the heart of society.
(Text excerpt, HDA, Graz)

HDA (House of Architecture, Graz) at Palais Thinnfeld, Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz

With: Werner Fenz, Institut for Art in Public Spaces, Graz |  Anita Hofer, KIG!, Graz | Anton Lederer, rotor, Graz | Nicole  Pruckermayr, Institute for Contemporary Art TU, Graz |  Artists: Rhizom, Graz | Veronika Dreier, Graz | Flora Neuwirth, Vienna

April 13, 2010