The Sistine Chapel in the red gugl

Free improvised music in free improvised environment

from here on. red gugl
Leitersdorf/Eastern Styria

free. improvised. jazz
The Sistine Chapel _ Confuse the nuns

Manfred Stern (fl)
Alfred Lang (tr)
Clemens Pliem (sax)
Armin Pokorn (git)
Ewald Oberleitner (b)
Reinhard Winkler (dr)

Werner Uitz' red gugl is a living environment – embedded in the former railway station's area in Leitersdorf/Eastern Styria. Via its annexes, fixtures and superstructions, it rises an awareness fed by improvisation, rebellion and a free love for music. And right there, where – until recently – a self-built "sacred" dome (18 metres high!) made from roof battens, ropes and plastic foil had been visible from afar, The Sistine Chapel will make its spontaneously deployed appearance. A Trojan Horse. Die smouldering energy in the beast's stomach is awesomely scaring. Holy creep! And welcome to gogl earth!

Friday, September 17, 2010

red gugl
Leitersdorf, former railway station
Eastern Styria

A freely improvised cooperation widget by RHIZOM, the musicians involved and Werner Uitz (red gugl)

With support by Department of Culture for the State of Styria.