inspiraciones – breaths

Breathing in different languages

Transdisciplinary studies in "breathing" – an activity we have to perform constantly and mainly unconsciously yet with each and every pore of our bodies – in order to keep our insides in constant exchange with the exterior.

Exhibition with paintings, installations, inkjet plots, image objects, projections and biochemical installations; composition commissions – music performances (live and on air)

Frie Moschitz, Andreas Gasser, Annette Giesriegl, Elisabeth Harnik, Gerd Jabourek, Petra Music, Yasuko Ueda, Lothar Lässer, Tom Weghofer, Christian Bachler, Cabinet Caligari (Peter Deutschmeister, Heinz Hutter, Leo Kreisel-Strausz), firn /Tom Weghofer, Mirko Maric, Fritz Oberleitner, Angelika Thon

Place, Time
RHIZOM im labor, Jakoministrasse 16, Graz, Austria
Klavierhaus Streif, Sackstraße 14, Graz, Austria
Radio Helsinki/FM 92,6
September/October 2000

We thank: Klavierhaus Streif; Radio Helsinki FM 92,6

01 - Ruah - Inspiracionés - Atemzüge - Frie
03 - Ruah - Inspiracionés - Atemzüge - Frie
04 - Ruah - Inspiracionés - Atemzüge - Frie
05 - Ruah - Inspiracionés - Atemzüge - Frie
06 - Ruah - Inspiracionés - Atemzüge - Frie