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finally: cat substitute sausage ends 14,90

CD presentation
In summer 2002 ekw 14,90 participated in RHIZOM's exhibition series "room mental" with the project "service and support".

One piece of service provided by ekw 14,90 was the offer to order one or more products from a mail-order catalog. ekw 14,90 then musically realized these orders und sent them to the purchasers. Thus 27 most different pieces of music were created (CD1 ekw14,90). In addition,  several musicians highly esteemed by ekw 4,90 were asked if they were in the mood for arranging those "musical items", which resulted in the production of CD2 rmx.

ekw 14,90

ekw 14,90 (Malis Stoeger, Moke Klengel, Stoffl Rath, André Tschinder) and guests
Label niesom, Vienna

Place, Time
April 2004
HOTEL RHIZOM_Jakoministrasse 9, Graz

A project of aktuelle kunst in graz 2004