Jakoministraße 2001–2004

To take on a street with all its manifestations, conditions and relations and to scan them for all its possibilities and potentials means to transform them – to give it new (hi)stories. 

Book object and exhibition for location specific art project opened!-
spaces and (hi)stories, which takes the large number of empty business locales at Jakoministraße as an opportunity to carry out infrastructural and artistic interventions on the street – Rhizom-(hi)stories will be modified as an open frame of refrence, transformed an placed within seemingly new connections. 

Book object (numbered 1-50), Book unfolded as an installation within the space, space-floor-light installation

RHIZOM and guests (see book object)

Space-Floor-Light Installation

1997 all six large-format windows of the exhibition space (RHIZOM at the laboratory) were darkened using frames with stretched-on canvas. In the 8 years of exposition to daylight the structure of glass tiling has been burned into the canvas. 2004 the canvasses were taken down and positioned corresponding to the respective window as floor pieces. Using daylight flooders the six windows were lighted from the outside of the building.

RHIZOM (Angelika Thon, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, Mirko Maric, Christian Bachler, H.J. Schubert)

Place, Time
RHIZOM at the laboratory, Jakoministraße 16, Graz
April/May 2004