cityTV – A.R.T. of reality

tele-visions from the city's gut

A vacant premise in Jakoministrasse is physically defined as the inside of a tv set. Situated behind the shop window (functioning as the tv screen) there is a walk-in public production control room. The program that is produced finds its input directly in the urban space. The program of the day, always composed freely and consisting of most diverse tv genres, is presented every night - „broadcasted“ via tv sets in various shop windows and cafes. the urban image is thus (re)integrated into the townscape with all its diverse realities.

TV, Media installlations

Group “Die Weisheit mit grossen Löffeln gegessen”/“Kowing it all“, ekw 14,90 (Malis Stöger, Moke Klengel, Stoffl Rath), Marlene Haring, Anita Hofer, Barbara Musil, Bernd Oppel, Barbara Waschmann, tv test cards collection from the Association for the Preservation of Electromagnetic Species Threatened with Extinction, Ralf Thon, Mirko Maric, Leo Kreisel-Strausz
video technics/editing: Ulla Klopf
presentation: Geari Schreilechner

Thanks to Edda Strobl

Place, Time
Donaulandstudios, Jakoministrasse 15, Graz
Places of presentation: „herbstbar“, Palais Thienfeld; „Hasan“-Kebap-Haus; stachers coffee shop; Traminer-Naturküche, Kunst u. Kommunikation
October 2005