Postbus (A) – Autobus (CZ)

Exchange of routes between the Czech Republic and Austria

The busses of an Austrian and a Czech traffic route including their drivers will be exchanged for two weeks. The Austrian Bus will drive on the Czech route with a Czech shotgun, the Czech one on the Austrian route with an Austrian shotgun.

“A different bus drives in the evening where we left in the morning, a different house is located there, a different neighbour closes his garage door …”

The busses won’t be specifically altered for the project, the exchange will be 1:1. The only things that have been altered are the stop displays, the cash box and the ticket machines.

Intervention within social context, infrastructural exchange
Rhizom (Angelika Thon, H.J. Schubert, Mirko Maric, Christian Bachler, Leo Kreisel-Strausz)

Place, Time
June/July 2005
Austrian route: Rohrbach to Schwarzenberg.
Czech route: Kaplice to Ceské Krumlov.

Participating co-operation partners: CSAD Budejovice, OEBB Postbus GmbH
Part of Festival der Regionen Oberösterreich 2005
Geordnete Verhältnisse – Ordered States