opened! – rooms & (hi)stories III

cevapcici – short cuts

“The big event” should be perceived - this needs long-term-planning, a complex organization and money.
At the time of the realization the question of point often is the remaining topicality. This project pursues the goal to shorten radically the time from thought to artistic realization, to give the idea priority over the usability. The kind of intervention in cultural and social relations can take any form. Common to all is the space of realization, which shouldn’t be longer than one week and the permanent fluctuation of the target group. The communication should not decidedly turn to an artistic public, but selectively address the social enviroment of the particular intervention. (work in progress, since April 2000)

(…) a song rises or comes closer or drifts away. This takes place at a level of immanence, populated by varieties, singularities link themselves processes or beginnings develop, intensities rise or fall. (Gilles Deleuze)

Multimedia installations, installations, objects, art in public spaces,  
environments, media installations, video installations, cultural and social-political interventions

RHIZOM (Angelika Thon, H.J. Schubert, Mirko Maric, Christian Bachler, Leo Kreisel-Strausz)

Place, Time
Jakoministraße 1-34
since 2001 in process