opened! – rooms & (hi)stories VII

HOTEL RHIZOM – the one room hotel

The artist group „global bastards“ conceives “HOTEL RHIZOM” as habitable complete work of art (front desk, bedroom, breakfast room, shower and toilet). In the three rooms adjacent to the hotel, the “reflection zone graz” will leave their approaches and relections on the “Cultural Capital Graz 2003) in diverse media. They should offer motivation for the un-mirroring of one’s self.

...that takes place at the level of immanence: populated by diversities, singularities are linked, ideas and processes
develop, intensities rise or fall. (Gilles Deleuze)

Space installations, objects, text installations, art in public spaces, environments, media installations, cultural and social political interventions, performances, light installations

Mathias Loibner (A), Valentina Plach (Jordania/A), Mirko Maric (BiH/A), global bastards {Angá de la Luz (COL/NL), Yusri Raman (RI), Mir Mar (US), Isabel Leveche (ESP/Maroc), Pierre Octave Poulin (CAN/NL)}, Ales Zemene (CZ), Halt+Boring (A), Joe & Andrew (GB/NL), Maria Slovakova (SK), Gomez-Strausz (COL), Diana Levin, Cym (A/NL)

Place, Time
Jakoministraße 9 and Jakoministraße
2003 all year long