A news project by fax

Content of the project is the installation of a news outlet in Moscow for the transmission of news by fax (Pictures/Text) to Graz where those will be published as translated posters. In a three-month news block the working creators of art in Moscow will have the opportunity to fax direct messages of an artistic, political or literary kind to Graz. In a weekly interval the news outlet in Moscow will send the compiled pages to Graz. RIHZOM will also publish those messages in a weekly interval.
Some colporteurs will distribute the multiplied fax posters inside the area of the city of Graz. On poster walls of diverse cultural institutions the faxes will be put up in the succession of their arrival. After the completion of the three months the collected faxes will be published as a newspaper.

Art and capital
This was the final information from this special place  “Petrowskji Boulevard 12 – an investment company has bought the entire artist quarter in the city of Moscow, following this the citizens had to move out in spite of international protests.

Medien-Art Project/Fax, Poster, Newspaper

Artists (GUS)
Robert Filipini, Alexander Liaschenko Petljura, Pierre Doze, Rostislav Jegorov, Maksim Stolpovski, Larrissa Svesdotschetova, Konstantin Svesdotschetov, Bernhard Wolf (A), Aristarch Tscherneschov, Nikita Alexejev, Vladimir Abramovitsch Dubner, Bronislava Anatolejevnaja Dubner, Alexander Kasakov, Boris Matrosov, Natascha Varonitsina Varona, Alexander Petrelly, German Vinogradov, Sviatoslav Ponomarev, Danil Filipov, Larissa Lasareva, "Gruppe Norden" Ekaterina Rischykova, Alexander Lugin, Aids Hilfe – Moskau, AESOP, Andreij Kislij, Viktor Snessar

Place, Time
Freie Akademie Moskau, Petrowskji Boulevard 12, Moskau (GUS)
Area of the City of Graz
In co-operation with Free Academy Moscow/Cultural Center Petrowskji Boulevard 12