The rooms of Gallery Heinrichstraße spatially form the base camp – the hatchery. The infrastructural fitting encompasses diverse types of media which are used within the art and communication process. They are tools and integrative part of the space in a continuous working process. 
Foreign body: Through the perception of what knots are inside the room (the strange, the different, the incomprehensible, the abrasive…) surfaces are being sought for, differences are being formed, the approach to “the different” is understood as contemplation on the material (on the body – with/by the senses).
The temporal progression is directed towards the immediacy of the intrusion, to the fragments. Strategically planned, complete art productions are not what should be accomplished here but the opportunity should be used to develop something, to pick it up and to advance it. Accordingly the transparency of the progression, the traceability of personal states and the presentation of the artistic “foreplay” which would normally be masked, will be emphasized.
Here the art of presentation will be put in comparison with a structure of not uniquely assignable parts with rising and falling intensities. As an extract of the process original pictures will be sent out to approximately 400 people during a timeframe of 4 months.

Polaroid tableaus, video installation, PC installation/first Apple, Space installations, paintings, objects, mail art, ready made, environments, audio installations, warm and cold installations

Christian Bachler, Leo Kreisel

Time, Place
November 1995 to March 1996
GALLERY Heinrichstraße
(Künstlergruppe 77)

Hatchery from RHIZOM on Vimeo.