Mirko Maric 2020 mm

Stains staining with bright prospects

October 15 – 29 2020, 6 p.m.
RHIZOM homebase , Annenstraße 52, 8020 Graz

2020 mm could become the right measure for revolutionary distance in the future.
Discipline and distance correlate in the newly defined space.
Now it is necessary to rethink the new space. To think everything anew. At the beginning of this year, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Theory of Stains” made scales fall from the eyes of the author in his forcibly acquainted home.
And he hears Leonardo talking in the echo chamber about how inspiring stained shapes are to him.
Spontaneous perception exercises.
Now the author has to install some pulsating light here and organize “a walk”. Then we can reorient ourselves in 2020 mm distances in extranormal space.
Take the liberty, saveguard your perception.

Thursday October 15, Friday, October 16
Thursday, October 22, Friday, October 23
Thursday, October 29

6 p.m., 7 p.m., respectively

Supported by

Cultural Office of the City of Graz (Kulturamt der Stadt Graz)
Cultural Department of the Province of Styria (Kulturabteilung des Landes Steiermark)