opened! – premises and (hi)stories

2003 - 2006

“the public music box”

A business premise is defined as a jukebox, where passersby can activate the live band by chipping in a donation. The band plays a special program for the special guest, specifically chosen by her or him from an exhibited menu card. The higher the donation, the longer the band will play.

cityTV-A.R.T of reality (started in 2005, in progress)
Moving pictures of the most inner parts of town are reflected in their differently conceived realities. This program track models itself on conventional TV-formats and design (weather report, news, animals, commercials, soap operas, etc.) focusing on remote, generally omitted and unusual perspectives. These “different” pictures from the profoundness and shallowness of the city thus flow back into the cityTV-format, which is presented to its viewers at different venues like cafes, dry-cleaners’, etc.).

Cerebral and culinary joy
Manuel Vazquez Montalban (1939-2003)
Immoral recipes – immoral realities
Cooking and reading performances of physical-cerebral thinking/commemorating and enjoying the Spanish author who deceased in 2003

Performance „Hot Street“
The performance „Hot Street“ intensively restages “natural movements” of the street (football fans and police squads, a wedding, Japanese tourists, demonstrators, Rhizom-activists). The different performance groups interact approaching from different directions and in the course of their movement integrate passers-by into the creative process (Come along to the wedding celebration!).

„art burns“ – light architecture
A lighting concept for street, which interacts with architecture on the one hand, stands out from other illumination on the ground floors (creates color-space) and defines the artistic sovereignty over the airspace above the overhead lines (trams). Lighting and sound installations will make vacant spaces and premises optically and acoustically perceptible as coherent structures.

„private space – public gallery“
A business premise opens as a gallery, where photos of individuals are collected and presented. The photos are supposed to provide a purely subjective insight into a hidden, impenetrable structure behind the fronts of the street – interior views, which show dwelling and living in diverse cultural contexts, as well. The photos are dropped off at the gallery, where they are assembled according to the chronology of their arrival. There is no selection of photos – they subjectively show “the best and the worst”.

„shop of ideas“
One of the vacant shops is utilized as a stock market of ideas and functions as a contact point where ideas can be published. It features regular opening hours with changing personnel, who offer their specific ideas ranging from a mushroom culture in the cellar to a sculpture park on the roof.

„public punching ball“
A public „abreaction room“, equipped with an installation of sandbags and punching balls, inviting you to let off steam.