from here on.

Augarten-Nord / Grazbachgasse / St. Petersburg Allee / Pula-Kai_Graz

... one must always leave a gap, always one word, one sentence, one statement less than required, one has to avoid to conclude the text, to round it off, as to keep it open, to open it up.
(quoted from the philosophical texts of Jörg Seidel)

We are positioned exactly here. Here, we think, work, we are. Now! … and then, where do we go?

1. „O.T. Air Space“ Installation
building crane & wooden construction

Leo Kreisel-Strausz

2. „Scattering points“ Installation
Signs will be positioned, will mark the always new points of departure, will enable the view from there on out.
Angelika Thon

3. „Pollak`s Attempt Installation

”Camp_powerful are not the ones who have occupied the one camp or the other, the borderline is what’s powerful”. (Based on Jaques Ranciere und Gilles Deleuze) 

H.J. Schubert

4. You Will Find Me Here. (Permanent) Performance

A difficult game, one never knows in which formation they will take part. But for now we only need to take a look at ourselves.
Mirko Maric

5./6./7.… strict use of public space
From Friday to Sunday further works will be developed on location.

performance, installation, environments, interventions, soundinstallation

Participating Artists
Angelika Thon, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, H.J. Schubert, Mirko Maric

Place, Time
With in the public space 
Augarten-Nord / Grazbachgasse / St. Petersburg Allee / Pula-Kai_Graz_Austria
April, 2010

With support by Department of Culture for the State of Steiermark, City of Graz and Federal Department for Instruction, Art and Culture

Thanks to Ewald Puhr, e.d. gfrerer,  Arch. Ernst Giselbrecht, SOB –  Bauträger GmbH., Kinderfreunde Graz