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The mural by the nicaraguan artist Leonel Cerrato Jironon on the outer façade of the former movie theatre “Kino im Augarten” only still exists in parts after the demolition of the building. In October 2009, facing the demolition, we initiated the storage of the remaining fragments by interested patrons through the RHIZOM project “mural final”.

The private archival situations will be made public through the publication-performance „Audience room – action room“. (Angelika Thon, Mirko Maric/RHIZOM)

2. „Green grows...“
In the north of Augarten a wall fragment was buried after the demolition on October 20, 2009 as a piece of memorial and reference. The revelation will lead the gaze onto the “footprint in the park” (RHIZOM)

3. „Canon of stars“ Composition & Micro-concert (approx. 40 sec)

During the demolition of the mural, a live intervention of baritone saxophone vs. digger took place. As an “echo” the piece will be performed once more by voice and western concert flute. (Manfred Stern) 

publication-performance, installation, micro-concert

Participating Artists
Angelika Thon, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, H.J. Schubert, Mirko Maric, Manfred Stern

Place, Time
With in the public space 
Augarten-Nord / Grazbachgasse / St. Petersburg Allee / Pula-Kai_Graz_Austria
April, 2010

With support by Department of Culture for the State of Steiermark, City of Graz and Federal Department for Instruction, Art and Culture
Thanks to Ewald Puhr, e.d gfrerer,  Arch. Ernst Giselbrecht, SOB –  Bauträger GmbH., Kinderfreunde Graz and all mural collectors

Sternenkanon: Manfred Stern, Komposition, C-Flöte, Alt-Flöte, Piccolo, Baritonsaxophon; Marcel Votter, Percussion;Aufnahmeleitung: Heimo Puschnigg