Vzpostavitev (Re-establishment)

Maribor 2012

The artist group RHIZOM & e.d.gfrerer designed an exhibition in Castle Betnava and the installation “Restoration” (Slov. Vzpostavitev), which moves over several stations trough the inner city of Maribor towards Betnava, in which they are trying to approach the common history with fragile installments of special elements in the environment. A formation of 1,000 flood control sandbags is moving parallel to the exhibition trough the inner city of Maribor. The exhibition travels from the Freedom square (Slov. Trg Svobode), which will be filled with sand and layered to resemble a damming structure during a 2-day performance on May 2nd and 3rd,with stops at three stations, always reacting to the spatial situation of the station and heading towards the river Drava, to emerge again in October just before the closing symposium “Who Owns History?” in Betnava. Symbolically returned in a real act of carrying – unloading – carrying as a reflection of a lengthy negotiation process. The installation at Trg Svobode was removed on May 5th 2012 at the behest of Mag. Tomaž Kancler, vice-mayor of Maribor. The removal constitutes a questionable response to approaching common history. We demand the immediate re-establishment of the installation  "Vzpostavitev" (re-establishment)!