articulations in space II

Songs from the wood


…Let me bring you love from the field:

poppies red and roses filled with summer rain.
To heal the wound and still the pain

that threatens again and again…

(Songs from the wood, Jethro Tull)

Sequel to Elisabeth Harnik’s, HeiDi Richter’s and Angelika Thon’s project in the woods.

A discarded grand piano constitutes the installation’s “nerve center“. There, threads and wires converge. They connect the sounding box’s strings with anchor points in the forest. Situations for nest, resting place and swing (no traps!) are inviting the forest dwellers to participate in the sound installation, making the piano strings vibrate.

Kummer-Prettenhofer Forest
Hart/Purgstall near Graz
April 2016

With friendly assistance of Kulturamt/Stadt Graz, Kulturabteilung/Land Steiermark and Bundeskanzleramt – Sektion 2 Kunst