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Practical art installations for the studio concept in the city of Graz

…A building is rhizomorph in all its functions:
as an apartment, a supply ware house, a marshalling yard, a hiding place and a ruin.*
*Rhizom, G. Deleuze u. F. Guattari, Merve Berlin

Several gaps which stretch out at the vanishing points – in a coordinate system which miniaturises the space as an experimental field for art and urban development.

The object – blueprint studio application (1989) – installation in a public space – home installation – multiple room installation*

rhizom kollektiv, Mirko Maric, Angelika Thon

multiple base
rhizom kollektiv
The working space is the exhibition room is the office is the kitchen...
Notes on the studio concept of the city of Graz
Jakoministraße 9, Graz Stadt

public base
Angelika Thon
„Kopfreisen“ („Journeys in the Head“)
First boat of the fire department – Kepler bridge upstream,
left side of the river Mur, Schwimmschulkai between No. 8 and 14, Graz Stadt

home base
Mirko Maric
Painting – Installations – Mixed Media
Königshoferstraße 41, Graz Stadt

Place, Time
In line with the „Day of the Open Door 2007“ – open Steiermark Studios
May 2007

tag der offenen tür