Searching the width – 24 hour-hotel Rhizom

A powerful journey through the history of Rhizom on Jakoministraße.

into the
it is a movement which, in accordance with a concrete journey (east>west) of a certain type of architecture, follows the spaces from the inside to the outside, sizing it up once again – drawing it anew as a thought space – as a space of memory.

a movement which takes on borders, transgressions, which searches the width between the familiar, the inaccessible, the intimate and the public.
which is being crossed by an axis (north>south), a dominant drawn on tracks, which also leads on the own body – the thoughts -  in alignments, feelings of volume and conjunctions of density.
fragile spacial attachments, which find the sizing up of outer borderes as an inner possiblity – now it is all of that! now it moves towards that!

In a non-stop-performance lasting 24 hours the different spaces of the street project which has been going on for 7 years are „opened! – spaces and (hi)stories“
„entered“ once more and played on anew.


Installations in a public space, sound environment, interventions, spacial installations, objects, live street-radio, reading, guided tours,  text installation

Ingo Abeska, global bastards, Vanesa Cvahte, Lothar Lässer, Wuggi Dopler, Werner Fenz, Ed Gfrerer, Christof Elpons, Mirko Maric, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, Geari Schreilechner, H.J. Schubert, Radio Helsinki 92,6, Angelika Thon, Andreas Unterweger, Endlich Katzenersatz 14,90 , Koloman Kann

Place, Time
RHIZOM, Jakoministraße 9a+b, backyard 9 and public space / Jakoministraße 1-32
July 2007