Happiness and adversity 2

A RHIZOM exhibition by ekw 14,90

Contemplating and testing the transformability of grown structures. "RHIZOM" ist subjected to a cell division taking place on all operativ and contentual levels (from infrastructure up to full programmatic and budgetary self control). In a temporary field trial Ekw 14,90 takes over RHIZOM's program for autumn 2004.

A possible definition of happiness and adversity ist tried by means of specific attribution and analysis of smaller and greater moments of happiness and adversity as well as of a historic example of evolutionary adversity and posthumous happiness. Guests from different fields of sciences are invited to radio programs accompanying the exhibition to debate the topic.

ekw 14,90

Room installations, objetcs, performances, games, videos, radio, radio drama

Artists, Theoretists
ekw 14,90 (Moke Klengel, Christoph Rath, Marlies Stoeger, Andre Tschinder); Mag. Birgit Lesjak-Ladstaetter, theologian, Graz; Dr. Robert Pfaller, philosopher, Wien; Dr. Rudolf Muhr, linguist, Graz; Dr. Alfio Borzi, mathematician, Graz

Place, Time
RHIZOM, Jakoministrasse 10, Graz
Radio Helsinki 92,6 MHz (Graz)
Orange 94,0 (Wien)
October/November 2004

A project of steirischer herbst 2004