BulBul vs. Soundmogul

A musical Impro-Force above Jakominiplatz

Jakominiplatz – a machinery. Measured all the way & true to frequency.
dissonant. multi-voiced & multi-lingual.
BulBul – the band. put up high into the air space.
driven off into the empire of improvisation.
entered into the acoustic memory of “Jackie”.
abrupt. intensive. nonstop.

The realization of an audio-visual ideal. 

Here, where everyone gathers somehow and sometime, even though not to linger, the first concert of its kind will take place. The band BalBul, cherished by Rhizom, will play in front of and with the soundscape of Jakominiplatz. By scissor lift BulBul will rise into air space above night-time traffic and will perform for about 45 minutes at the square. Jakominiplatz has a new story to tell. The experiment to gain back public, configurable space, even if it’s “only” air space.

Musical performance

BULBUL: RAUMSCHIFF ENGELMAYR, guitar, vocals; DERHUNT, bass, vocals; DDKERN, drums, vocals; www.bulbul.at

Place, Time
Jakominiplatz, Area around the tram stop for the lines 4/5, Air space RHIZOM
25. October 2008

Fiesta + live sessions

RHIZOM – a wish machine. operated by music.

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Stockwerk, Jakominiplatz 18, 8010 Graz

6 p.m.: eat, drink, men and women
starting at 8 p.m.: Live sessions with:
Susanna Gartmayer
Killed by 9 volt batteries
Birgit Michlmayr
Maja Osojnik
Muchas Gracias: Gerhard Pfundner, Cafe Stockwerk; Otmar Klammer, Stockwerk Jazz; Scherrer Audio; DI Claudia Kerschitz; Geari Schreilechner

Supported by: Kultur Steiermark, Stadt Graz Kultur