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Jackson Real Roadmovie – Reality to the film

We say how it is
As he heard it
Speaking through her eyes
Whatever happened.

Jackson Real Road Movie was a real time story, developed 11-34 at a certain time, on Saturday 21.04.2001, between 6 and 6.30 p.m. A play with reality, its production and simultaneously running interpretations and information by mobile phone the events on the street where given to the data projector in form of a text in shop window Jakoministrasse 15, as well as acoustically as live comment at Jakoministrasse 16 (ground floor). Within half an hour the inhabitants of Jakoministrasse could become participators in a film, which in reality was realised in real time and for Jakoministrasse only. 40 Protagonists from opera singer, to brass orchestra and strolling sailors - changed Jakoministrasse into a scenery which opened the border between production and non-production.

performances, media staging, art in public spaces, interventions within the social context

Conception/ Organization: RHIZOM (Christian Bachler, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, Mirko Maric, Angelika Thon)
Technics: Geari Schreilechner
Brass-band: Kurt Bauer, Michael Bergbaur, Lothar Lässer, Bojan Petrovic, Richard Winkler
Opera singer/sopran: Heidrun Langer, piano: Ru-Feei Cheng
Live-comment: Malis Stöger connected with Stoffl Rath (handy1)
Live-text: Leo Kreisel-Strausz connected with Angelika Thon (handy2)
Travelers looking for the Hotel Rhizom: Rajiv Joshi, Heidi Ratschop
The marathon runners: Ewald Puhr, Hans Puhr
Sailors: Gert Langer, Thomas Lackner
Video: Helga Glattfelder-Knöbl, Mirko Maric, Ralf Thon
Stars in the sedan: Tamara Maric, Marko Maric, Ira Mihalevic, Renato Weinberger
White flag: H.J. Schubert

Place, Time
Jakoministraße 1-34
April 2001