opened! – rooms & (hi)stories II


“nightwriter” was the attempt to test the artistic possibilities of a medium. For a period of 4 hours, the artists were working on a text - this creative process could be seen simultaneously via dataprojector in the shop window Jakoministrasse 15. Across the street, Jakoministrasse 16, a “one-night-cafe” was opened to a offer a possibility for communication between authors and people passing by.

Live texts, text projections, literature in public spaces

Helwig Brunner, Günter Eichberger, Markus Pieber, Birgit Pölzl, Martin G.Wanko, Clarrisa Wanko, Robert Wolf and all together by the pen name “Pixie”

Place, Time
Jakoministrasse 15 and 16
April 2001

Rhizom in co-operation with “Grazer Autorenversammlung”