opened! – rooms & (hi)stories V

mental room

Artistic and politico-cultural interventions of guest artists and of RHIZOM.
The showroom was used for “developing ideas in and for a room”. To favour directness the period of time between the artistic idea and realization was shortened to one week.

space installations, objects, text installations, art in public spaces, environments, media installations, video installations, cultural and social political inverventions, store window installations, performances

RHIZOM (H.J. Schubert, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, Mirko Maric, Angelika Thon, Christian Bachler), Radio Helsinki FM 92,6, Anita Hofer, Ralf Thon, Karl Grünling, endlich katzenersatz 14,90 (Andre Tschinder, Malis Stöger, Moke Klengel, Stoffl Rath), Albert Pall (lekes), Silvia Brandl & Nadja Folger, Breda Susa (Slo)

Place, Time
Jakoministrasse 9
Shopwindow and showroom
2002 year round