Das TRANSFER Wien-Projekt zu Gast bei RHIZOM

The project „BorderLife“ which will take place in two different locations (in a village at the edge of Vienna and in the transition zone of the city of Graz to the “outskirts”) will address the term “border” from different sides on different levels. Border will be touched on as a territorial definition within its historical context, as a point of orientation which regulates relationships between people and a specific territory (home). History put in relation to subjective remembrance/perception in front of the background of a globalisation movement which opens by closing simultaneously.
The practices of populist politics to draw strategic borders right through society (exclusion of regugees, minorities) and to exclude groups of people as a means of creating a national identity, brings the term “border” into a social centre.
BorderLife points interpersonally to diffusion situations, transgressions – to existential movement which closes in on the border of ArtofLiving and LivingWithintheArt.

Participating artists
Anton Cierny (SK), Eva Choung-Fux (A), Roza El-Hassan (H), Leo Hainzl (A), Tomas Hlavina (CZ), Paola Korosec (SLO), Antal Lakner (H), Mirko Maric (BiH), Ilona Nemeth (SK), Bostjan Perovsek (SLO), RHIZOM (Angelika Thon, Christian Bachler, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, Heinz Schubert), Stepanka Simlova (CZ), Gue Schmidt (A), Katarina Pejovic (YU/SLO)
Curator: Gue Schmidt

Place, Time
RHIZOM, Jakoministraße 9 and 16
October/November 2002

In the context of steirischer herbst 2002