Exchange project of contemporary art from Korea and Austria


<…> Among the Austrian works there are pictures which have incorporated in their language the meditative qualities of the Far East and its restriction to clear lines. Among the Korean works there is surrealism in the Far Eastern variation. This could be the starting point for further investigations. Where does the concept of surrealism come from? Or is a clear line something Far Eastern? All those questions and their answers which can be found in these pictures as well as in cultural history convey information about a certain culture. Art can convey this kind of cultural information since it is a means of expression of great intensity. An exchange exhibition like the present one also reminds us of the fact that art is a wonderful communication machine which makes it possible to grasp long periods of time and to get to know distant continents.
Henriette Horny/Catalogue AUSTRIA-KOREA


Artists Austria
Robert Adrian X, Christian Bachler, Peter Battisti, Fritz Bergler, Tasillo Blittersdorf, Karl-Heinz Bloyer, Erwin Bohatsch, Corona, Josef Dabernig, Wolfgang Denk, Manuela Froudarakis, Susanne Gamauf, Alfred Grasseli, Karl Hikade, Dietmar Hollenstein, Birgit Jürgensen, Susanne Kavalar, Alex Klein, Leo Kreisel, Oswald Oberhuber, Claudia Plank und Hans-Werner Poschauko, Hannes Priesch, Emmi Rendl-Denk, Beate Schachinger, Anne Schmees, Gue Schnidt, Barbara Schmette, Anette Sense, Wolfgang Sohm, Markus Stieber, Christine Ulm, Jana Wisniewski, Robert Zahornicky

Artists South Korea
Ahn In-Kun, An Chi-In, An Moon-Shik, Baik Kum-Nam, Cho Choul-Ho, Cho Tae-Hee, Choi Eun-Kyu, Choi Jae-Hwang, Chung Chung-Soo, Chung U-Chol, Han Byung-Ki, Hong Hyun-Chul, Hong Kyoung-A, Hong Seon-Kee, Jeon Hyeong-Yeol, Jeong Shin-Kong, Jun Youn-Li, Jung In-Wan, Kang Chang-Yul, Kang Jung-Hyun, Kang Ku-Won, Kang Kyung-Gu, Kim Cheol-Woo, Kim Hae-Dong, Kim In-Ha, Kim Joung-Soo, Kim Keun-Tai, Kim Ki-Kwon, Kim Kwang-Hyun, Kim Moon-Hoe, Kim Sun, Kim Young-Sou, Kim Yun-Hoon, Lee Byung-Chun, Lee Doo-Seop, Lee Hang, Lee Jai-Min, Lee Jin-Dong, Lee Jong-Sun, Lee Joo-Sung, Lee Joung-Gun, Lee Jung-Hoon, Lee Keun-Myung, Lee Kwang-Soo, Lee Moon-Soo, Lee Won-Il, Park Byung-Choon, Park Jin-Yong, Park Mi-Jung, Park Mi-Sun, Park Yong-Sun, Park Yong-Woon, Shim Jai-Ku, Shin Ho-Chul, Shin Je-Nam, Son Ah-Yoo, Sun Jong-Sun, Whang Hyo-Chang, Yeom Moon-Sun, Yoo Tai-Su

Place, Time
Korean Institute of Design and Packaging Gallery,
Seoul, South Korea
Traisen Pavillon, St. Pölten, Austria

In Cooperation with Seoul Artists Methods, Seoul und AUS-ART, Vienna
Curator of the austrian Exhibition: Gue Schmidt
Curator of the korean Exhibition: Baik Kum Nam