IMAGO – Hidden Projects

Manifestations of a wandering conscience

The artists will be present in Graz and will develop works based on their urban explorations which will in turn be blend in with the cityscape. Something should take shape without being highlighted as art in a production. Accordingly the works will be positioned without notice or permit in public spaces. The area of operation “city” is outlined and associated with the attributes: annexed, added, crazy, downfalling, continuous, moved, interrogated, disturbed, turned around, triggered…
The works are conceived as artistic examinations inside and with public spaces, which means that even their destruction or removal will be accepted as a possible form of interaction. The photo documentation will be the only referral to the works’ existence. As a follow-up the invited will then invite other artists, to keep the discourse open.

Floor installations, media installations, mental sculpture, text installations on large posters, foam rubber ice sculptures

Fritz Oberleitner, Wolfgang Sohm, Eva Wohlgemuth, Gue Schmidt

Place, Time
Operational area: City of Graz