a transformation

A part of the artistic products from the archives of RHIZOM will be sent to colleagues from Sarajevo as part of a deconstruction of re-useable artistic material (mandsgars, parts of installations etc.). The packages will be supplemented with personal reference pieces of the RHIZOM artists and one disposable camera each. In the mediating text the recipients are asked to document the circumstances of the creation of the new work, to capture the trivial everyday life of their spatial and social surroundings. The exposed films will be sent to Graz for development. A proper form to show artists from Sarajevo their private and everyday pictures from the year after the war and to answer the question of how to publish them.
Transport installation, infrastructural installation, Photo

Lalo Srkalovic (BiH), RHIZOM (Christian Bachler, Leo Kreisel-Strausz)
Misrad Sehic, Durgarski Pozdrav, Nusrgj Pasic, Jikrgi Libovac, Nedim Ademovic, Seid Hasenevindic

Place, Time
Graz, Sarajewo