Mexico/Columbia/Austria 1995-1997

The first part of the work will take place in Austria, where a respective “favorite sentence” of 80 people is collected to offer them in Columbia and Mexico in exchange for another
Sentence – as a dematerialised form of an exchange “trade”.

From 80 specially made cardboard boxes which feature a compartment for taking out the text cards (German/Spanish) and a closed compartment with a slot for dropping in cards, a wall installation will be built from at each exhibition venue. Accordingly each sentence has been assigned to a box, where it will be available multiplied and for free taking. This way the visitors of the museum will have the possibility to choose one out of 80 sentences and in exchange leave their favorite sentence (with name and address) in the respective answer-box.

After several stops in different museums of both countries the 80 original sentences and all its follow-up sentences (Spanish/German) will be presented in Austria as a text-space-installation and will finally be presented to the authors to close the trade. 

Text-space installation, video essay, sound sculptures

Leo Kreisel-Strausz (Conclusion of 3-year process work)
Reni Hofmüller  (5-part sound sculpture, translations)
Hector Aquilar (MEX) (Video essay)

Place, Time
RHIZOM at the laboratory
Jakoministraße 16
October/November 1997

KOKON is part of the project „Transfer“, a co-operation of AUSART Vienna and RHIZOM Graz