Involved Ukrainian Artists


Nina Mári
Alina Panasenko
Olena Kurzel
Margo Rieznik
Alya Segal
Terra Neidorf
Eva Alvor
Tetiana Kornieieva
Nastia Khlestova

Svitlana Zhitnya
Svitlana Zhitnya is a New media visual artist from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war fled to Austria and now is based in Graz. Works in the direction of generative art, creating interactive audio-visual installations, virtual reality, and scenography. The artist reflects on the theme of loneliness, and isolation, simulating situations of uncertainty that find an emotional response from the viewer. With the help of video projections, the artist visualizes the emotional background of the music, thus creating new forms of communication with the viewer. Also designs virtual reality spaces for immersive audio-visual performance experiences. Took part in the development of a number of theater and music show projects as a set designer, art director, video artist, and VJ. Studied at Kharkiv State Academy of design and Arts. Has Bachelor’s degree in Design.

Anton Tkachenko
Anton Tkachenko – was born in 1994 in Kharkiv. He graduated from Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. He works with the theme of memory, including cities, and in his projects, he places great emphasis on architecture in general and the organization of space in particular. Anton Tkachenko is an artist, curator, co-founder of the self-organized space 127 garage, member of the VIDSOTOK art group, nominee of the MUKhi and NonStopMedia festivals. Took part in exhibitions in Ukraine (Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Poltava, Sumy), Poland, Austria, and Portugal. Since the beginning of Russian full-scale invasion based in Lviv region (the western part of Ukraine).