Stay. Once upon a time, an exhibition in Europe was a dream for me. Now I dream of another exhibition.


Friday, 10th February, 5 to 8pm
127 garage Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Annenstraße 52, backyard
8020 Graz

Nulla is an off-space gallery on the outskirts of Lviv, founded in 2022 by Anton Tkachenko as a reaction to the forced relocation from Kharkiv to Lviv due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On February 10th Anton will recreate Nulla in the garden of RHIZOM. He will create the exhibition that will only exist for a short moment when Anton will take photos of it.

Anton Tkachenko is an artist, curator, co-founder of the independent art space 127 garage in Kharkiv (Ukraine).

„Everything that leaves us is not ours.” This phrase by Grigoriy Skovoroda – famous Ukrainian philosopher, has been constantly ringing in my head since the very beginning of the invasion. Since 2014, Ukraine has been at war with Russia, but I was sure that war would not come to Kharkiv and was accumulating all the benefits of the civilized world. But what now?

In the “Stay” project, we try to find the things that keep us going. For someone it is family, for someone – his/her body, for someone – country, and for someone – art.


Nina Mári
Alina Panasenko
Olena Kurzel
Margo Rieznik
Alya Segal
Terra Neidorf
Eva Alvor
Tetiana Kornieieva
Anton Tkachenko (Curator)

Cooperated with

127 garage Kharkiv (Ukraine)

Supported by

Kulturamt der Stadt Graz
Kulturabteilung des Landes Steiermark