The own history as a living organism

Packaged in boxes our own (art) history lies at our feet. Ideas, sketches, concepts, project applications, correspondence, applications for subsidies and rejections from almost 20 years – all this gives us information on outer and inner relations and developments. The entire archive material is being put on display and subjected to new linkages concerning content and structure.
In the play with „Différances“* we create ourselves as something „different“, composed in a production of unconscious, mixed, tangled, manifold, integral and irreducible.**
In a refurbishment the multi-layered accessions of Rhizom-Context-Art ought to be shelled off. The forgotten will be discovered, the not realised will be picked up, the non-simultaneous will be crosslinked, the discarded will give impulses for other things.
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Différance
** freely based on H. Cixous

have no fear.
this time everything is very simple,
this history is only as conflicting as life itself.
and in the end to live is art itself.

archive installations, installations, environments, interventions, manifestations, organisation sculptures, process presentations, video installations, spatial projections, sound installations, infrastructural installation and performance

Participating Artists/Theorists
Angelika Thon, Christian Bachler, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, H.J. Schubert, Mirko Maric, Albert Pall, Andreas Unterweger (guided tours)

Place, Time
Rhizom in the danube country (former danube country branch), Jakoministraße 15, Graz, Austria
July/August, 2006