Ciudad Real (en obra) – Real City (under construction)

Ivy is a radicant. Wherever it settles it strikes roots, and its identity as a plant isn't immediately thrown out of kilter when the old roots die away… the radicant presents itself as a mentation of transformation: the precarious rooting process comprises establishing contact with a host country, an unknown territory. Each contact point on the radicant line thus embodies the quest for transformation…
From: Der Radikant, Nicolas Bourriaud, merve Verlag Berlin, 2009

e.d. gfrerer, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, Mirko Maric, Heinz-Joachim Schubert, Angelika Thon, Hari Bukovsec, Ingo Abeska, Francesco de Luca

murdock, Schiffgasse 6, 8020 Graz

Duration: 05.05. – 19.05.2012