Amores – Escape in Poor Shoes

Zita Oberwalder – Photography

Tomis/Constanta – Berlin – Dublin – New Orleans – Sulmona – Bucharest – Camerota – Graz –
Hong Kong – Madrid – Prague – Schlaiten

The man standing here is the woman going there is the cloth waving …

An approach to Zita Oberwalder’s fleeting pictures

In the motion of travelling between places (from Tomis to Schlaiten) – along her own alignments and those of others –, Zita Oberwalder collects plenty of things; things she‘s carrying close to her all the time: voices filtered from a crowd, noises, a piece of music, memories. At the different place she lets her eyes wander – coming from the fringes, she gains access to the essence of everything found. Things seen fall back into their own bodies to release the pictures wherever light meets the fugitive as an ally: the transformation. To recognize it, a second view is as well required as a feeling for everything that’s already beyond the picture margin.

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit. (Everything changes, nothing perishes.) Ovid

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