RHIZOM is a guest at Hotel Pupik (O.R.F. Schrattenberg)

productions of Rhizom's rambling consciousness

International Artists in Residence Programme at the „Schwarzenberg'sche Meierei“ (a former dairy farm) with presentations such as exhibitions, concerts, performances, and screenings regularely taking place in July and August.
O.R.F.'s overall aim is to create a setting for intermedial encounter, cooperation and focussing on artistic work on site. The experiment is given the greatest latitude possible.


change over
Angelika Thon
The views of two windows facing each other are swapped.
Installation in 2 windows: inkjet plots on textile, wood frames

from guest to guest
Angelika Thon
Guest installation for future guests of Hotel Pupik.
Room installation consisting of: 1 bed, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 bottle of red wine, 1 lampshade, commemorative material (1 photo, 3 sheets of paper/floor frottage)

simple installation
Infrastructural installation to easily transport articles of daily use.
Manually activated material lift with bucket from 1st floor (kitchen) to  courtyard (dining table)   

your land_my land
...what probably hadn't been connected this way yet...
Applied sculpture
Possibilty for the host to become part of a Rhizom installation resp. a temporary guest during his exhibition tour.

There is nothing like the everyday – we think to know the room and we will find we do not even know where the furniture came from or who pays the rent. (Nicolas Bouvier: Das Leere und das Volle)

head game spots
Angelika Thon, H.J. Schubert, Mirko Maric, Leo Kreisel-Strausz, Christian Bachler, Geari Schreilechner
Video performance
A video camera integrated in a ball answers the purpose of exploring the world from the ball's perspective. TV live broadcast happens per radio on a monitor in the exhibition room

Mirko Maric
Slide projection through the exhibition room's open portal out into the night.

hotel pupik

Place, Time
Schrattenberg, St. Lorenzen near Scheifling, Styria
July/August 2005