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This is a book which has peeled itself out of another book. You don’t need to know the other one to able to read this one. It served as base material for the authors – as a giver of impulse for the development of their tests. “To unhinge something – to follow a lead – to link something which has not yet been linked in this way – to read in between pictures – to follow the sound of the words” are possible descriptions which lead to the designed tableaus. In all their differences the new text creations offer a lot of access. In these multiplicities everything is possible and important. Within them the structure of our Rihzom is mirrored.
Simply read – and if you can’t find your access to one of the chapters, simply read another one!
Bon Voyage!
This book is dedicated to Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari whose little book “Rhizom” has been serving as our “tool box” since 1988 ** and “if we quote (from) it, then we do so out of love”*.
 * from: Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Rhizom, Merve Verlag Berlin, 1977
from the same source: ** Michel Foucault replies to the question of what a book is for him: a tool box.
Texts and photos

Ursula Kiesling, Genoveva Rückert, Sol Haring, Albert Pall, Andreas Spiegl, Maxwell Sibanda, Branka Curcic, Reinhold Schachner, Karl Stocker, Karl Schmoll, Katharina Gabalier & Wenzel Mracek, Vanesa Cvahte
Place, Time
October 2005
Donaulandstudios, Jakoministraße 15, Graz

Part of steirischer herbst 2005