mark & pein I

O(ffen).R(eal).F(undamental), Schrattenberg, Steiermark

In this project series, which started in 2006, we are in search of deep valleys, remote villages or the urban jungle. We are on the scent of intensities, cultivated in frequently hostile surroundings and resisting them, taking to their heels, comprehending art as commodities – as a democratic statement in polymorphic form.

Room-Installation, Objects, Animated Films, Music-Performance

Martin Dickinger, Hedya Klein, Uli Vonbank-Schedler, Heimo Wallner, Fugu and the Cosmic Mumu: Heimo Wallner, Martin Zrost, Bernhard Breuer, Raumschiff Engelmayr

Place, Time
RHIZOM, Jakoministraße 9 und 15, Graz
April 2006


In cooperation with aktuelle kunst in graz