mark & pein IV – GEH WEG | NA POTI | STAND BY

UNIKUM Klagenfurt/Celovec & Stazione di Topoló/Postaja Topolove

Friaul is no more than three hours away from Graz by car. A region which is being recognized by travellers as a transit land or a culinary spot of pilgrimage. It is barely known that a world of downfall and isolation is situated there, often very close to the freeway.
Especially along the Italian-Slovenian border a lot of communities have been affected by a deadlock and by the migration of their population and one seems to have missed the connection to (economic) progress. Those areas are “true reservations”, their cultural life has been shaped by ethnic minorities to this day. They also consist of very idiosyncratic characteristics of places and cultural landscapes which have already fallen victim to modernization in other places.

GEH WEG | NA POTI | STAND BY is devoted to those „forgotten landscapes“. Pushed to the edge in the middle of Europe. Center of the art event is a primed coach which enables you to travel to the neighbouring country through photographs, texts, videos and objects and prepares you for an actual expedition. As a travelling companion musicians and authors from Kärtnen and Friaul will be present to present their specific outlook on the region.

Texts, books, projections, objects, installations, musical performances

Gerhard Pilgram, Emil Kristof, Moreno Miorelli, Donatella Ruttar
Schlagwerker/bobnarji BEATIT: Natasa Konzilia, Klaus Lippitsch, Emil Kristof, Duo MIMESYS: Michele Spanghero, Ugo Boscain

Time, Place
24.-26. April 2009
Nikolaiplatz, Couch in open space
A-8020 Graz

stazione di topolo

Part of Contemporary Art in Graz