Based on activities with emigrants living in Mexico (Talks, interviews, sighting of text and picture material / Artist group Piedra del Sol) which had to leave Europe before or during the time of National Socialism, the construction of a communication rail to people who currently have been forced to emigrated and currently are staying in Austria, will be attempted. This experiment to connect personal, historic terms to current ones should be lead in Europe as an artistic and cultural-political discourse against exclusion, displacement and the right wing radicalism which is once again on the rise. The discourse will be lead in an inner cycle through fax/mail, in an outer cycle the faxes will be presented on large mobile poster walls.

Fax installations on large mobile poster walls

Artist group Piedra del Sol (A/MEX)/Reinhold Leitner and Wolfgang Purtscheller, Felipe Ehrenberg (MEX), Mirko Maric (BiH), Lalo Srkalovic (BiH)

Place, Time
Mexico City D.F. (MEX) – Area of the city of Graz (A)

In co-operation with  PIEDRA DEL SOL (Wien/Mexico D.F.) and the association of Zebra Graz