Literary announcement at streetcar and bus stops (2008)

Literary announcement at streetcar and bus stops

Urban body – text space – night sound

„The space of waiting. What is opened is time: to let the thing display itself, to let it display its faces.”  (Hélène Cixous, Femininity in writing)

From speakers, installed at all strategically important streetcars and bus stops, which usually serve their purpose for announcements about the disturbance of traffic, LITERARY ANNOUNCEMENTS are playing. The texts are being developed by chosen authors especially for this project and this structure. They will be read in the studio by the authors themselves, recorded digitally and programmed with a timeframe-rhythm for replay. A central computer, positioned at the central control station, the audio files will be played every evening between 9 and 12 p.m., every half and full hour with three minutes text each and thereby “released” through the speakers. The volume has been selected in a way that only the immediate area of the stop will be defined acoustically.