Scenario “future 5“ meets “the curtist and the arrator“ by Eva Brede

Impromptu cooperation

Pestalozzistraße 30, 3. Stock
8010 Graz

In this matter, one of our mental future scenarios conveniently meets with Eva Brede’s current project in a private dwelling. We recommend to visit “the curtist and the arrator“.

Sat., February 25, 2017
8 p.m.
8010 Graz

scenario “future 5“
Zimmerküchekabinett hinterm Ofen spielt das Quintett. Playing big in small places.
Facing the prevailing rental charges, we have to reduce our demand for space to a minimum to remain located in the city center. How large a place do we need? A place of ideas, maybe? We outhouse our archive and allocate circa 30 archive boxes to 30 trusted private individuals/households (see: people’s archives/privately archived pieces of wall with murals from former KIZ Who safekeeps what and where is being charted. In case we need something from one oft he boxes, we announce ourselves and bring a cake for coffee. The exhibition/function room is “privatized” as well. We do home concerts, exhibitions, readings in one- or two-room apartments – our own ones, those of our colleagues or those of our visitors. There is, say, one home concert for 5 visitors per evening or a very special kind of installation art in the home bathroom. In return, Rhizom shares the monthly rent. Equipped with the Right of City*, the workroom remains in the city center, and we will set up our living room in public space. Beautiful, political and loving are underground stems and aerial roots, adventitious growths and the RHIZOM.**
* Henri Lefebvre ** from: Deleuze/Guattari: A Thousand Plateaus, p. 15f.

the curtist and the arrator is a future experimental exhibition series which is about the experiences of a free curator, who just starts and is close to artists. the series examines relationships and cooperations between artists and curators, friendships and complicities, but also dependencies and boundaries between each other and also between private and public spaces. the project will take place in the future apartment of the curator in exchange with private rooms of artists from berlin, munich, vienna, karlsruhe, graz, zagreb and nicosia (and is open to more cooperations). besides the aspect of relationships between artists and curators, the project is about flexibility and moving houses. in times of airbnb, the project asks questions about private rooms which become public, but as privatised ones. by sharing her home with artists for a certain time, the curator offers more insight views as a curator to an artist and an audience and constructs a 1:1, a face-to-face-situation. the results can be shown either in her flat or in the artists private rooms or just be developed in each apartment and displayed elsewhere, in offspaces, galleries, in private or public spaces. the future of the ongoing project can be watched at

the curtist and the arrator is introduced in graz, a city which is sometimes discussed as a ‘springboard‘ for curators, in a two-room-apartment, in which the idea of the exhibition series was developed. the two rooms are facing each other, in the same style and same size, but with different views and wooden floors. the room with the more bourgeois wooden floor, the so called ‘fischgrätenparkett‘ and a private saloon atmosphere points out to a private space, a car sales company which seems to appropriate the whole house on the opposite side. even the lamps in the apartment appear in the car house exhibition room as well. in the car house, the lamps belong to the demanded exhibition design corporate identity of nissan. a nissan was the brand of the car of the free curator, in which she migrated from germany to graz in order to study exhibition design. when she arrived with it in graz, she was fascinated by the contemporary art institutions and was searching for an apartment.

two days after an extra-opening event, about a newly produced ‘springboard‘- installation (by graz-based artist keyvan paydar, ita kosović and mihael frančić) for an art school class from croatia (škola likovnih umjetnosti split), the main opening of das sprungbrett / the springboard. everything you always wanted to know about the curtist and the arrator but were afraid to ask will be on saturday, the 25th of february, at 8 pm. it is about moving houses in reflection and narrations by subtle interventions. the exhibition will only last until the next day at 12 am, shortly before the friend, whose apartment it is, will move back again. the only a few-hours-lasting-exhibition examines the apartment of a friend in graz as a found object, according to absorbed memories and further inspirations. besides an installation about hans ulrich obrist, who started his first exhibition ‘world soup‘ in his kitchen in st. gallen, sarah bildstein, an artist and a friend from vienna – – shows her work ‘friesattic‘. ‘friesattic‘ has been shown in graz before, but – being easily flexible in transport, but strong and remindable in content – fits perfectly, not only in the in-between of the real situation about moving houses a few hours after the opening. the attic as a space that offers – in times of airbnb – a luxury space for archived memories according to start suddenly something new – questions like: ‘what is not daily needed or soon forgotten?‘ are getting important if you do not know where to go next. as an artist or a free curator, or everyone who is part of a world-community. be inspired, drink some espresso in the kitchen and feel invited to share your personal memories with us. (Text Eva Brede)


by Eva Brede

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