Interferences – Episode 22

A Notebook | Beležnica

7. – 10. November 2019, 19:00
RHIZOM homebase , Annenstraße 52, 8020 Graz

Reading from a list of references: Petra Kohlenprath

Personal recordings of what is important, of everything that must not be forgotten, on that day or over a longer period of time. As a mnemonic, a storage or an evidence to be able to give proof or to assure oneself. While the occurrance is ending, the memory fading, the narration being dismissed as fictional, everything committed to paper in the notebook serves as verification. The perceived moment in fragments outlined, to not leave it to oblivion. The notebook as the situatedness of particular moments in changing hierarchical priorities as a list of references of today’s being.

In 2018, his granddaughter, project author Petra Kohlenprath, finds a forgotten notebook dating from 1958. Its content became a decisive orientation pattern in the reconstruction of the personality and the patterns of behavior of the grandfather she never met. While his notes are very private, they clearly convey social topics relevant at that time and allow us to comprehend what is difficult to understand from a present-day perspective and socioenvironment.

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